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The Hockey IntelliGym, proud partner of USA Hockey, wants to pay your USA Hockey membership* to help you get back on the ice this season!

Limited time offer also includes 15% off select package pricing.

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Special Offer FAQ’s

This offer will be valid for the purchase of an Annual Subscription to the Hockey IntelliGym at either the individual (one IntelliGym license) or family (two IntelliGym licenses) levels.

This offer not only extends a 15% off the full list price but also includes the cost of USA Hockey membership for the 2021-22 season which is $46.

The Hockey IntelliGym will cover the total cost of an individual’s USA Hockey membership for the 2021-22 season. The only portion of the membership that will remain the financial responsibility of the individual will be any applicable USA Hockey Affiliate fees. Cost of any applicable USA Hockey Affiliate fees are excluded from this offer.

Yes. If you buy the family package of the Hockey IntelliGym, which covers two players, the IntelliGym  will pay the USA Hockey membership for both your children.

If you already registered as a member of USA Hockey for the 2021-22 season and you choose to purchase a qualifying Annual Subscription with The Hockey IntelliGym through this offer, you will still be provided with an opportunity to utilize a unique code and seek a refund from USA Hockey so that your USA Hockey membership will be covered by The Hockey IntelliGym.

After your qualifying Hockey IntelliGym purchase is made and confirmed, you will receive an email from The Hockey IntelliGym instructing you on how to redeem this offer with our partners at USA Hockey.

This offer will cover the cost of a USA Hockey Player or a Coach membership for the 2021-22 season.

The Officiating Education Program at USA Hockey is a distinct program that has several benefits included as part of its registration process.  More information about the Officiating Education Program can be found here:

Limited time and limited quantity offer. Offer only valid with the purchase of a qualifying Annual Subscription package. The Hockey IntelliGym will cover one (1) USA Hockey player or coach membership for the 2021-22 season, for each qualifying Annual Subscription license to the Hockey IntelliGym that is purchased through this offer. Any applicable USA Hockey Affiliate fees are not covered by this offer.

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